Tuesday, July 24, 2007

So cute!

I'm so late on the bandwagon! I just saw this on some blog. From the makers of those cute little photo minicards, Moo now makes sticker books! I need to get them!


Monday, July 23, 2007

What a Month!

So I don't know what to make of July 2007. It started off great. I was recovering nicely from dental surgery, I got a new part-time gig to supplement my contract work income, and I was about to watch Transformers.

Then my father called on the 4th of July to say that he was flying from Hawaii that day. All of a sudden. My grandmother was in the hospital, and things were looking panicked and dire. Since then, karma has been dealing me a really heavy hand, or God wants me to learn the patience of Job, or something.

My grandmother is terminally ill, and I am trying to see her as much as possible in the time we have left.

My computer's hard drive not two days after my grandmother was diagnosed decided to up and die, taking all my designs, digital photos, my dissertation research, and my business's accounting with it. So I've been running around getting estimates on data recovery (most companies around here are unable to do it). My husband and I have decided to let the data go, so now it's a painstaking job of redoing my accounting (I luckily printed everything out) and my dissertation work (half printed out).

To make matters worse, I misfiled my business taxes with the city of Los Angeles, who now believe that I make an estimated $275,000 a year. I assure everyone, I only *wish* I made that much.

And of course, to add to the bad things that's been happening, my back tire blew while I was driving (at night) on the I-5 freeway and I lost control of my car. My car swerved out of control as I tried to pull the car over to the shoulder, and the hedges on the side of the freeway stopped my car's spin. My car ended up lodged in the bushes, facing perpendicular to the freeway. A search helicopter had to point out my location to the California Highway Patrol.

Then, as if that wasn't enough, one of my neighbors decided that my assigned parking spot was OK for his cars to park in, resulting in two night of me without a parking spot! Ugh. I'm hoping these last days of July are trouble free.

Here's to a better August!


Type A Personality Test

So we've been talking about Type A/B personality a lot lately. Mostly saying, "Oh, that person is so type A." I remembered that I was the one in between 2 personality types or whatever. I thought I was "type C" but when I read the description it didn't sound right. Some Psych major I was!

I took the test online and got my results:

You seem to have a Type B personality. Your personality draws characteristics from each of the other personality types, that is, Type A and Type C. Either you adjust your behavior depending on the situation, or you tend to be moderated in your attitudes. In any case, you are the most balanced of the three personality types.

This makes sense from what I remembered...


Friday, July 06, 2007

A Visit to the Huntington

I went to the Huntington for the first time yesterday, despite being within close proximity for about 7 years now (the Huntington is free the first Thursday of the month -- check the website for ticketing information). They have a pristine copy of the Gutenberg Bible (the first printed book), as well as illuminated manuscripts -- the most notable being Chaucer's Canterbury Tales! Seeing things like the Gutenberg Bible and then seeing an original edition of The Federalist Papers is just really amazing.

The gardens were gorgeous, and I got the opportunity to get more photography practice in with my cameras. I took some great stock photos for future design use, including photographing dragonflies (pictured above!) and a hummingbird in action. That little hummingbird took me by surprise, and it was difficult even getting the shots that I did.

Enjoy the slideshow!

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