Monday, December 29, 2008

I tried so hard!

I have been trying so so hard not to buy anything for the baby. Especially baby clothes. I know academically that people L-O-V-E to give baby clothes, so in general I have been trying very very hard not to buy anything for the baby until after the baby shower.

But I'm now 18.5 weeks along, and it's the end of the year, and everything is on CLEARANCE. I have refrained from buying the adorable giraffe baby leg warmers that I need to have. I've walked away from adorable Pooh items. So, of all places, I broke down at Target yesterday and bought some cute DwellStudio baby clothes (just one kimono onesie and one sleeper!!!).

And this morning, in a fit of "If I wait, it might be gone..." thinking, I went ahead and bought this from

My thought originally was that I was going to register for it and see if someone wanted to buy it for us, but with it going on clearance, I decided I wanted it too much to risk it not being around in 3 to 4 months. We're going for a safari-esque theme, and we had mostly decided that the colors we're going to use in the nursery will be sage, aqua, and chocolate, so I think it will work just fine.

I'm very excited, and hopefully once the rug comes, it will motivate us a little bit to start shoveling out the room in preparation for the little Skittle!



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